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By mujerwebmaster on June 4, 2013 in CAMPAIGNS

Exactly one hundred years ago, 4 June 1913, the Suffragette activist Emily Davison was knocked down by the British King’s horse in a race.  She was trying to attach a scarf to the horse as it galloped past at full speed to raise awareness of inequality in British society at the time.  The Suffragettes used the slogan “Deeds not words”.


The Guardian newspaper has published an article on the centenary of her death asking what various influential figures would fight for today concerning women’s rights, both in Britain and internationally.

What needs to be addressed in Guatemala?

MuJER Guatemala fights for:

  • The two women killed every day in Guatemala
  • The thousands trafficked each year across Central American boarders as for sexual exploitation
  • The end of the abuse of women in all its forms
  • A louder female voice in the development of Guatemalan public policy
  • The basic human rights of access to education and safe employment with a liveable wage


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